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What Drives You (When will you know?)

When was the last time you asked yourself the question, what am I driven to do in this life? Have you ever? There are so many of us living a day in and day out life style, without any regard to what we are doing; or feel as though we belong in that particular setting. So what happens on the day that we wake up and no longer like what we do, if we even liked what we did in the first place, or when we find that we have become stagnant in our everyday life focus. Well we must than refocus on what is important to us.
The journey we are set out to have was not set up by us, but it is driven, by us, as the individual? We are fully responsible in our lives to become who we are through our actions and choices we make. Though this may be true to every extent of the thought, often times, I have seen others think that they will not be effected by their actions, as though there is some sort of entitlement they are deserving of. You see, my journey was filled with always wanting so much more than wh…

Leadership and Mustard Seeds

Leadership and Mustard Seeds
What’s the difference between leadership and a mustard seed? Well, it’s not the fact that they are two completely very physically different things. But both, no matter how small can flourish and create a harvest. It is said that we sow what we seed, and if we do nothing, weeds will spread and take over the crop.
As a leader we must put in every effort to plant seeds into others to watch them grow regardless of who or what they work for. We have the ability to build a world of developing leaders and watch them evolve into successful leaders. However, this can only happen if we plant the right seed and nurture it, water it, and treat it with dignity and respect.
Once planting is complete, we must take time as the wiser leaders, through our experience gained to take the time to mentor the ones we are called to lead. A few questions to ask will help in identifying where we could or should start.
Who is in your direct line of leadership?
What are THEY currently doi…