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Let's Build A Bridge

Let’s build a bridge together! What does it mean to build a bridge? One way to think about this is to improve relationships between people who may be either very different or may not like each other at all. As a leader these things could seem like a daily occurrence, as well as,challenging or difficult times. However, when we take a step back to see the big picture and work out how to become a bridge builder, it can be a positive and prosperous time for all involved. The poem written by Will Allen Dromgoole is a great example of a bridge builder. Some may take it to heart, or even pointless to others; but to us as leaders, we can learn a good amount from it. We are to build bridges, brick by brick, pillar by pillar, expanding and allowing a connection between two places to become one. Become a construction foreman for a moment! You are now, the one! The supervisor orchestrating the construction of, the bridge. Starting on one side, and prior to setting the first piece in place, there is …

Execution Through Action

Execution is a discipline that I would consider a lost art. 
     Many of us don’t realize we do execute actions every day; and in most cases, this has the power to be single greatest cause of success or failure. What we need to do to be successful in our own view must be executed by us. To understand the art of execution I would argue that the heart of the individual must be fully invested into what tasks or goals need to be met, why it has to occur, what steps need to accomplished to meet the tasks/goals, and how to get there.
     Take a moment and bring your vision down to earth, what has to happen right now, and do it. Some may say, what if you don’t want to? or I got side tracked prior to completing the action? This means you missed the moment of execution, and essentially failed at making something happen in an action plan.
     Over the years I have seen many of my own personal moments pass, where I questioned, if I conducted the action correctly, then I wouldn’t have failed. …

Pushy Leaders

Pushy Leaders           We are not just leaders, but also seekers of wise counsel, teachers of truth, mentors of life, and we are in a place to serve throughout time. Playing a significant role in each moment and season. What we do is meant to strengthen those we come in contact with. By pushing others on their tasks, will not just make them better as a whole, but also, as a team, so that everyone gets better.            Stepping out into a role can have such a powerful impact. If you are a solid leader, others will flock to you. Your ability to create a vision in individuals, will in turn, make them want to put themselves into positions intentionally, removing their sheeps clothing, and becoming a powerful wolf being able to step into a position and lead when needed.            In my career, their have been many times to where I was put into a position forces to take on more that I could “chew”. I was “hand selected” to fill roles that I was not fully engaged or passionate about. Howeve…