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From how to be successful in life, business, personally, professionally, this list is enormous. I have become so caught up on how to figure out who is right or wrong for that I just had to find out what the answer was. Hearing about success and how to be successful in “15 minutes” has led me to look at what success truly is, and found there are many different routes to get there.  Just google the dreaded question of “how to be successful” or “Tips on how to be successful”, and you will find hundreds of different articles or paths, as well as, many common threads.
So is this really another article on how to be successful? not really actually…
What drove me to look at this question deeper, was after I saw two different post on LinkedIn just a few days apart from each other. One post was titled, “17 things you should quit doing to be more successful”; and the other, “6 Things You Must Quit Doing Now to Be More Successful”; mind you this one was very similar to a article from 20…

TeamRWB Leadership Weekend

The greatest moments in our life are times of either, begin inspired, or inspiring others. This past weekend, I felt both. It’s not all that often we get the time to break away and focus on self, however when one does, grab it and take the opportunity for all its worth. As I started my trek of a nearly 3-hour drive to the DC area, I was excited to get away and see what was to come, but in the back of my mind I had some concerns. Not just because I lost power at my home from a tornado that dropped the evening before; but also because I was curious of what was going to be presented. Whether it was just another training that would be filled with PowerPoints, or individuals who didn’t know what they were talking about trying to teach leadership. I couldn’t have been any more wrong with that view. As I arrived there were a few people scattered around the landing, more or less there were “clicks”, but it was not like the cools kids in the corner, rather there were people who were getting …

Born Leader Poor Manager

The world and ongoing discussion of leadership and management is still very alive today. This could be due to different factors whether it be new technology or changes in society and business models; but many still have a misconception of the difference and how they interact with each other, and which one is more important.
Instead of talking about the organization or business, what about breaking it down to the individual level. Are you a born leader? What’s the difference between a leader and manager and which is more important and how can it benefit?
Let me start by saying that I do not think leaders are born with the magical trait that, when they grow up they will become heroic leaders so many will want to emulate and follow, but rather the opposite.
When do you become leaders?
There are no “born leaders” there are trained leaders. This starts as early as infancy in a home and can grow throughout the life span of an individual. A child may have characteristic traits of leadersh…