TeamRWB Leadership Weekend

The greatest moments in our life are times of either, begin inspired, or inspiring others. This past weekend, I felt both. It’s not all that often we get the time to break away and focus on self, however when one does, grab it and take the opportunity for all its worth.
As I started my trek of a nearly 3-hour drive to the DC area, I was excited to get away and see what was to come, but in the back of my mind I had some concerns. Not just because I lost power at my home from a tornado that dropped the evening before; but also because I was curious of what was going to be presented. Whether it was just another training that would be filled with PowerPoints, or individuals who didn’t know what they were talking about trying to teach leadership.
I couldn’t have been any more wrong with that view. As I arrived there were a few people scattered around the landing, more or less there were “clicks”, but it was not like the cools kids in the corner, rather there were people who were getting to know each other. After a few moments I was approached with the standard “what’s up” and from then on there was nothing but positive vibes and talks about the room.
As the day progressed past the standard intros, who you are and where you’re from, we quickly turn into what some would think of a group therapy session, which was fine by me, and allowed for people to be vulnerable with others in the room (I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable). Though this could be tough for some, many did not mind the opening of the “bag” and letting it flow. This went on for roughly 2.5 hours and ended with some local BBQ for dinner, and led to our next team building activity. That’s right a few hours of indoor rock climbing
For this first timer, it was an experience that I would never forget. You see, we face daily challenges, and this one was a first for me. Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to support others in a way as well, especially, if this was their first time too. 
Day 2 kicked off with another team event, a little taste of what’s to come, a veteran day WOD. Of course coffee first, but then I was ready to launch into my 11 minutes of breaking myself down, and like that, it was done. Once returning to the seats of knowledge I quickly realized what an EAGLE Leader consisted of:
  • Empathetic Leadership- the skill of understanding and recognizing others' feelings and perspectives.
  • Authentic Leadership- Being your true self
  • Genuine Leadership – Being honest, true to others and self
  • Loyal – committed to their communities.
  • Effective – in carrying out the mission under the Eagle Ethos
Again this day was jam-packed with learning, experiences, and discussions that help others see through to the other side and allow for individuals to become inspired and remain moving forward. We even conducted an activity called the helium stick, that made many frustrated, in my opinion, but with understating the communication flow, and stepping out of self to allow another to take control, it was humbling.
     We wrapped up the weekend on day 3 with a run of the DC area. During the run, it really came to me how short our lives are, and the impact that we can have on another. I felt this emotion fill me, and I had to stop for a moment and put my head down. It was that moment much of the weekend came together. I reflected on the short time on how I can influence not just the ones around me today, but also be able to bring it home and use everywhere I am an influencer. Over the years I have been in many different roles of leadership, from mentor, to coach, to friend, and a shoulder. Each and every time I find out more and more about who I am and what I am to do in my life, to help and serve others. This leadership experience was nothing like any other course I have been through. I felt more connected from the moment that I arrived to the moment that I left. I have served in the military for 14 years and this time gave me a powerful insight. Additionally, I made connections with people that initially stereotyped me as an egotistical “jock”, while helping in changing their minds of who I truly am.  
     Every day, we should be excited to be an encourager. I have found that, I may not make a great change in everyone’s life, but if I can help just 1 person, then that is one more that can help another. We are not here to be leaders in business alone, but to also be a leader in life, giving to those who need it when called upon. Today I call those who want to help make a difference. Lead, inspire, and drive individuals to become their best self!

Stay Humble, Stay Hungry 

Thank you #TeamRWB for affording me the opportunity to attend your EAGLE Leadership Tier I event. I look forward to more. I highly recommend anyone that is in involved with Team RWB to attend this event. I would love the opportunity to be part of this event again, and even be one who helps lead an event like this for Team RWB.