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TAG, Your It

As 2019 approaches, what are you doing right now to plan out the next 365, if you are at all. Or are you so bummed because you didn’t reach or complete all the goals you expected to throughout the current year. Well have no fear, “TAG YOUR IT”.

Do you remember when you were young and played “tag”. One person would be “it” and try to tag another person by running after them and “tagging” them. Now that person was “it” and start chasing around all the people again. Eventually, you were so out of breath, or you had the one friend who kept getting tagged because they were not as fast and just finally quit, and the game was over. Maybe that’s how you felt about your goals this year and you just want to quit, but guess what, now it’s time to start fresh.

You had all year to train yourself on how to not repeat next year all over again. Start with where you were missing the mark. What have you learned? Did you realize that you may have procrastinated a bit much, and it finally caught up to y…

Self Reflecting Can Help!

The moment you can look in the mirror and be honest about what you see, is the time when you can finally take a step. We are a people who want so desperately to be accepted into either, a group or by others; and at times the facade we put on, blinds even ourselves of what and who we truly are.

Self reflecting can help!

The last time I took a deeper look into self, I found so many flaws in my character, as well as my beliefs, and at that moment I changed in such a significant way.

When self reflecting I had to answer questions to myself and be honest right then and there. I find it interesting how often we lie to our reflection, on what we can and cannot do because of ego or pride. Ask yourself this question, if you are doing a task that you love because you think you're good at it, are you often told to stop because the end result are typically poor. If so, maybe, just maybe, you need to do some self reflection. 
I know that I can build a house, however I am really bad at finish w…