Self Reflecting Can Help!

The moment you can look in the mirror and be honest about what you see, is the time when you can finally take a step. We are a people who want so desperately to be accepted into either, a group or by others; and at times the facade we put on, blinds even ourselves of what and who we truly are.

Self reflecting can help!

The last time I took a deeper look into self, I found so many flaws in my character, as well as my beliefs, and at that moment I changed in such a significant way.

When self reflecting I had to answer questions to myself and be honest right then and there. I find it interesting how often we lie to our reflection, on what we can and cannot do because of ego or pride.
Ask yourself this question, if you are doing a task that you love because you think you're good at it, are you often told to stop because the end result are typically poor. If so, maybe, just maybe, you need to do some self reflection. 

I know that I can build a house, however I am really bad at finish work. So while I may be able to put up the walls and top off the roof, I will not be cutting and putting up the crown molding.

When you have the time, because we are all to busy to take care of ourselves, right! Seriously, do some self reflection and see if you find something in you, you never knew was there. OR, let go of something you have been holding onto for so long, and allow for and honest evaluation and rebuilding to take place. 

Become happier and more successful.