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Most People Will Never Be Great At Leadership Quotes

Overcomers...Have you ever felt as though you were needing just a bit of extra motivation for the day? Or maybe a quote that you can reflect on to break away from a negative mindset...Well let me do that for you right here. Recently I facilitated a fresh and new leadership development course, and I could not help but reflect on quotes and thoughts of what some great leaders stated. It can be easy at times when working day in and day out, to become stagnant. But, we must take time to really dig deep and keep on pressing on. Here are some of my GO-TO quotes when I need some motivation to keep on moving forward.
Remember your actions are much greater than, what you say you will do
“What you do has far greater impact than what you say.” – Stephen Covey, author and educator
It’s not about you, but your people. As a leader if your people are flourishing, you will too.     
“Outstanding leaders go out of the way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s …

Don't Get Caught up, Know Your Position

Hey Readers,
I just wanted to bring encouragement and motivation. I recently posted a new article on some of my favorite motivational/leadership quotes that I used when feeling the need of inspiration. I wanted to share this because the other day I finished teaching a newly revitalized leadership development program to 25 young leaders, over a three-day period; and I reflected on when I was in the position these young leaders were in I was trying to find out:
What inspired me? What made me want to become a leader? How was I to become a great leader when not in a high profile position?
It didn’t take long for me to notice that they had much of the same concerns I also had as young leader. Some comments I received were things like: What does it matter, no one will listen! I’m just a supervisor, my senior leaders don't care, and even I'M NOT A LEADER!
Well let me just set this straight…Even though they or you might feel this way, remember that you are a leader, no matter where you fal…

What Do Your Strengths Start With?

Individuals strengths start with thoughts and desires…Would you agree?

I have had on my heart how my life was as I grew up.

Seeing how others lived, I questioned why I was dealt the cards I was dealt. Especially when I used to watch my, what I thought were friends, driving in new cars, having all the new tech, traveling everywhere I wish I could go, only to live in envy; but when I realized that we are not all created equal, nor do we all have great life credentials, I have been able to see life from a different perspective.

I personally have watched people have it easy, well easier than me or so I thought, but realized, in my life that I have the strengths that no one else could ever have. I have desires and passions that have become ignited in my heart, and though I didn’t have it easy in this life, I have been able to face adversity, use my strengths, and now can connect with others to show, share, and serve.

We are not guaranteed anything in this life and we must work for eve…

Get Through The Storm

Have you ever been through a storm in leadership when you felt everything was falling apart, or maybe there was no hope? Only to come out on the other side, stronger, wiser in decision making, and less fearful of what may come?

How has it affected you today?

When we fall into everyday lifecycle, the standard norm of our security blanket as we go to normal work, normal daily encounters, and going home to hit reset and do it all over again tomorrow.

Maybe this is when we must be broken, readjusted, and reshaped into what we are made to become, and though this may not happen in the instant, it’s when we need to be most patient, because this is when the building process can take place, and we can become our best self.

Just be aware that everyone is different and the time and effort will be different for everyone so again be PATIENT.
Start by identifying what needs to be changedTake time to remove outside influence to build your personal strength.Give yourself time to think, without dis…

How to Start Using Personal Coaches

During a conversation the other day, I was asked what I do for a living. Well besides being in the military I told the individual that I’m also a personal development coach/consultant. The chuckle and laughter that ensued after really drew my attention, so I asked, frankly of course…What? The individual then turned to me and said; “your like one of those people that call themselves a “life coach” huh? And in my response I replied no…personal development I get it, really I do. The community of people in the field of self-help, and with coaching is on the rise, who knows what or where the profession is going, however there is a significant difference between the two coaching “niches” and communities. Life coach: a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges

You see as a life coach, there is something that sticks out when you say it, LIFE. This is where the main difference comes into play. You would request a life coach if you wan…

Why Active Listening is Worse than Not Getting a Rose

The skill that everyone has, but never uses right? Did you hear me? It’s a skill that everyone has but never really uses or rarely uses because there thought is way more important than your right now at this very moment.

This very important skill can help in preventing misunderstanding and lack of communication, and even eliminate what many can’t ever seem to avoid, the arguments, because one missed what the other has said.

This very simple skill can be both acquired and developed over time and with intentionality, however it can be very difficult to master.

Remember back when you were a child and your parent, guardian, coach would tell you something, and even though you may have showed a sign that the message was understood, it would quickly slip your mind, and you would have to go back to the said person and have to ask again, only to get the, “didn’t you hear me” response. You would then turn and be upset and possibly say in a sarcastic manner, “yes I heard you” only to turn around…

Perseverance Takes Wisdom

Persevering through a trial can be one of thoughts things one can do, but also return the greatest feeling. The feeling of relief once it's over.

I just recently faced a trying time over the last year and there were days that I wanted to quit and other days I just didn’t care anymore. However in the end, I realized there was so much more invested than just my own feelings, but also facing family, friends, and others who believed in me, that also counted on me, and I needed to be strong to conquer that challenge.

There was time in my life that my selfish ways were the only way. Putting others on the back burner, and not allowing people into my own world. I was prideful, arrogant, and so self centered, that I could not be told right from wrong. It took nearly losing my family and my profession to see that this life is not revolving around me, but I had to revolve around it.

I have been pushing my self to perfection for so many years and leaving others behind. Moreover, I left my fa…

"RISE" Youth Empowerment Event

In early February, I had an opportunity to speak with a group of 8-11 grade students from one of the local school districts. This opportunity offered me to reach nearly 350 students while speaking to a 3 groups in 3 separate 45 minute workshops.

When I was informed of this event, initially called on a Monday, I was informed that there would be more to follow when it came to how many people were attending, and length of time offered to speak.

To bring this into perspective, I normally conduct a one day 8 hour course, that targets ethical voice, servant leadership, motivation, and resiliency; however I was not informed about how the day would go, however after being informed I was required to chop this down into a 45 minute workshop, for high school students, and did not receive my finial confirmation until the Thursday before, leaving me less that 48 hours to make this work. Not to mention a house filled with 5 children, and having to work both Thursday and Friday night before, which r…

Let's Be Real...Leaders

Sometimes it’s really hard for individuals, especially for leaders to be real in who they truly are. To be real it takes courage, strength, a strong self will, and the ability to face adversity, no matter how much the temptation tells us otherwise. As a leader there will be days that your people will try to manipulate you to maybe, bend the rules or even possibly break them, to get what they want in the moment. There will be tension when people who follow you don’t get what they want, by the way, the might even leave you, but thats okay. For a long time, early in my leadership years, I wanted to be liked, and there were times when character came into question. However what I have found is that if I can just “BE ME”, and stand for what is right, based on my personal values, then in the end, the ones who follow, will see what real, “authentic” leaders are, and the lessons from that will be priceless. There are thousands of people that make great impressions daily, but did you ever ask …