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Let's Be Real...Leaders

Sometimes it’s really hard for individuals, especially for leaders to be real in who they truly are. To be real it takes courage, strength, a strong self will, and the ability to face adversity, no matter how much the temptation tells us otherwise. As a leader there will be days that your people will try to manipulate you to maybe, bend the rules or even possibly break them, to get what they want in the moment. There will be tension when people who follow you don’t get what they want, by the way, the might even leave you, but thats okay. For a long time, early in my leadership years, I wanted to be liked, and there were times when character came into question. However what I have found is that if I can just “BE ME”, and stand for what is right, based on my personal values, then in the end, the ones who follow, will see what real, “authentic” leaders are, and the lessons from that will be priceless. There are thousands of people that make great impressions daily, but did you ever ask …