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"RISE" Youth Empowerment Event

In early February, I had an opportunity to speak with a group of 8-11 grade students from one of the local school districts. This opportunity offered me to reach nearly 350 students while speaking to a 3 groups in 3 separate 45 minute workshops.

When I was informed of this event, initially called on a Monday, I was informed that there would be more to follow when it came to how many people were attending, and length of time offered to speak.

To bring this into perspective, I normally conduct a one day 8 hour course, that targets ethical voice, servant leadership, motivation, and resiliency; however I was not informed about how the day would go, however after being informed I was required to chop this down into a 45 minute workshop, for high school students, and did not receive my finial confirmation until the Thursday before, leaving me less that 48 hours to make this work. Not to mention a house filled with 5 children, and having to work both Thursday and Friday night before, which r…