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Perseverance Takes Wisdom

Persevering through a trial can be one of thoughts things one can do, but also return the greatest feeling. The feeling of relief once it's over.

I just recently faced a trying time over the last year and there were days that I wanted to quit and other days I just didn’t care anymore. However in the end, I realized there was so much more invested than just my own feelings, but also facing family, friends, and others who believed in me, that also counted on me, and I needed to be strong to conquer that challenge.

There was time in my life that my selfish ways were the only way. Putting others on the back burner, and not allowing people into my own world. I was prideful, arrogant, and so self centered, that I could not be told right from wrong. It took nearly losing my family and my profession to see that this life is not revolving around me, but I had to revolve around it.

I have been pushing my self to perfection for so many years and leaving others behind. Moreover, I left my fa…