Get Through The Storm

Have you ever been through a storm in leadership when you felt everything was falling apart, or maybe there was no hope? Only to come out on the other side, stronger, wiser in decision making, and less fearful of what may come?

How has it affected you today?

When we fall into everyday lifecycle, the standard norm of our security blanket as we go to normal work, normal daily encounters, and going home to hit reset and do it all over again tomorrow.

Maybe this is when we must be broken, readjusted, and reshaped into what we are made to become, and though this may not happen in the instant, it’s when we need to be most patient, because this is when the building process can take place, and we can become our best self.

Just be aware that everyone is different and the time and effort will be different for everyone so again be PATIENT.
  • Start by identifying what needs to be changed
  • Take time to remove outside influence to build your personal strength.
  • Give yourself time to think, without distraction of outside sources,
  • Allow for your brain to slow down.
This is when the growth process can really take off.

Though this may and will be difficult, because many of us are prone to seeking outside affirmation, be obedient to the process and yourself.

Just be PATIENT and watch

This small act of obedience will provide all you need and more.

Don’t worry, you will survive without you cell phone and without social media.

I would also suggest you pay attention to who and what we are surrounded with. Sometimes there are people, places, or things that we would never expect that teach us significant lesson, not until after the fact, but this is when we need to realize that was exactly where we needed to be for growth.

One this I have learned was to not force what you think you may want now. I have put myself in situations to where I was impatient, and forced many doors open. This only opened me up to learning tough lessons.

We are each all led down different roads and paths, some rockier than others, and this is when you should take a moment and think about the next steps, but also try to be proactive, but remember the only thing we control is our actions and emotions, everything else is influenced by an outside source.