What Do Your Strengths Start With?

Individuals strengths start with thoughts and desires…Would you agree?

I have had on my heart how my life was as I grew up.

Seeing how others lived, I questioned why I was dealt the cards I was dealt. Especially when I used to watch my, what I thought were friends, driving in new cars, having all the new tech, traveling everywhere I wish I could go, only to live in envy; but when I realized that we are not all created equal, nor do we all have great life credentials, I have been able to see life from a different perspective.

I personally have watched people have it easy, well easier than me or so I thought, but realized, in my life that I have the strengths that no one else could ever have. I have desires and passions that have become ignited in my heart, and though I didn’t have it easy in this life, I have been able to face adversity, use my strengths, and now can connect with others to show, share, and serve.

We are not guaranteed anything in this life and we must work for everything we want…period nothing is easy. We must face our challenges ready and willing to deal with the outcome, and use our experiences and share them with others to help them grow. I can’t speak for everyone, but I offer everything that I can through my experience and my story to provide encouragement to others that they too can all be overcomers! I am more than willing to give this knowledge for others to become better people and better leaders in life.

This led me to not want to be a slave to envy, but live the life I was given.