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Don't Get Caught up, Know Your Position

Hey Readers,
I just wanted to bring encouragement and motivation. I recently posted a new article on some of my favorite motivational/leadership quotes that I used when feeling the need of inspiration. I wanted to share this because the other day I finished teaching a newly revitalized leadership development program to 25 young leaders, over a three-day period; and I reflected on when I was in the position these young leaders were in I was trying to find out:
What inspired me? What made me want to become a leader? How was I to become a great leader when not in a high profile position?
It didn’t take long for me to notice that they had much of the same concerns I also had as young leader. Some comments I received were things like: What does it matter, no one will listen! I’m just a supervisor, my senior leaders don't care, and even I'M NOT A LEADER!
Well let me just set this straight…Even though they or you might feel this way, remember that you are a leader, no matter where you fal…