Don't Get Caught up, Know Your Position

Hey Readers,

                I just wanted to bring encouragement and motivation. I recently posted a new article on some of my favorite motivational/leadership quotes that I used when feeling the need of inspiration. I wanted to share this because the other day I finished teaching a newly revitalized leadership development program to 25 young leaders, over a three-day period; and I reflected on when I was in the position these young leaders were in I was trying to find out:

What inspired me?
What made me want to become a leader?
How was I to become a great leader when not in a high profile position?

It didn’t take long for me to notice that they had much of the same concerns I also had as young leader. Some comments I received were things like: What does it matter, no one will listen! I’m just a supervisor, my senior leaders don't care, and even I'M NOT A LEADER!

Well let me just set this straight…Even though they or you might feel this way, remember that you are a leader, no matter where you fall on the “food chain” in your personal or professional life.

One question I asked was, who are you influencing? Some had a grasp, however, others didn’t know. Then I asked if anyone married, had children, siblings, cousins, friends, the list went on and on, and then it started to click.

Just take a look at who you surround yourself with and you will start to see who you influence. Also try to see if they are paying attention to what you say and do. This may be the indication that you needed to see that, maybe just maybe, you are a leader in their eyes.

Try not to get caught up on whether you have a title, because it’s where you position yourself, with positive actions, that can make all the difference.

Stay Humble Stay Hungry